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California sees more dog bite and animal attack lawsuits than any other state. That is largely because the state’s dog bite statute makes pet owners strictly liable for dog bite injuries. Whether you were bit by a dog or attacked by another domestic animal, you may have options to seek compensation for your losses – including bringing claims based on an owner’s negligence, the dangerous tendencies of the animal, or strict liability.

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Legal Options for Dog Bite / Animal Attack Victims

While every case has its unique facts, dog bite and animal attack victims may have several options to bring claims against a pet owner. This includes claims based on:

  • A dog’s dangerous propensities, which requires showing that an owner knew, or should have known, about their animal’s vicious nature and tendency to bite or attack.
  • A pet owner’s negligence in failing to prevent the attack, such as failing to use a leash or safely contain an animal on their property.
  • An owner’s strict liability for dog bite injuries.

How Does Strict Liability Work in Dog Bite Cases?

California allows dog bite lawsuits to be brought on strict liability

In strict liability claims, dog bite victims do not need to prove that an animal owner was negligent in causing the injuries or that the owner should have known about the dog’s dangerous nature. 

Instead, victims only need to prove the following to establish strict liability:

  1. The defendant was the dog / animal owner;
  2. The dog bite occurred in a public place or while the victim was lawfully on private property.
  3. The victim was injured; and
  4. The dog bite / attack was a substantial cause of the victim’s injury.

Am I Able to File a Lawsuit?

It will depend on the facts of your case, including factors such as the location of the attack, the circumstances surrounding the attack, and how seriously you were injured.

  • Public property: You may be able to file a lawsuit if the dog bite occurred in a public place, such as a park, a public sidewalk, or at a place of business open to the public.
  • Private property: Dog bite victims may bring claims if they were attacked while lawfully on private property. You are lawfully on private property when you are invited by the property owner, performing a service as requested by the owner or resident (i.e. plumbing, landscaping, etc.), or while performing a legal duty such as delivering packages or mail.
  • Injury severity: To bring a lawsuit, you must have suffered an actual injury because of the dog bite. This does not mean the bite or attack must break skin, however. Victims can bring a claim if the dog bite or attack was a substantial cause of their injury, such as when a dog attack causes someone to fall off a bicycle or ladder or when a dog chases someone until they slip and fall.
  • Other circumstances: Although pet owners can be held strictly liable for dog bites, there are exceptions. Damages cannot be recovered if the dog bite involved a law enforcement K9 performing legal duties, a victim who was trespassing, or when the victim assumed the risk of getting attacked (which typically applies to veterinarians and other animal workers who know that being bit is a risk of their profession). Victims who are partially at fault for their injuries due to provoking a dog or its owner may have their damages reduced under comparative fault rules.

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