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Drake Law Firm
was founded by Benjamin Drake in Los Angeles, California and has recovered over $250 million for clients.
Benjamin Drake’s ultimate goal for establishing his own law firm is to assist every victim, not only in seeking maximum compensation, but to also be every client’s moral support through the difficult times faced during their personal injury claim with the aid of his compassionate side.

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At Drake Law Firm, we believe in helping YOU, the person involved in the personal injury accident! While insurance companies are focused on covering their bases, we focus on getting you the maximum compensation you deserve.

Whether you’ve been in a car accident, experienced a slip and fall at the grocery store, or your loved one was the victim of a wrongful death, you need an attorney who will take the time to understand your needs and your case. You want an experienced personal injury attorney to fight for you in court and win!

Dedicated Injury Attorney

When other lawyers have refused to take on a case or have failed in providing the client with any options, Benjamin has excelled beyond expectations. The Drake Law Firm has continuously, and will always dedicate itself to working through every available option in its client’s case.

Drake Law Firm is here to serve their clients like no other law firm has. They deal with the insurance companies and the person in question. Benjamin does not want his clients to have additional stress than the amount they are already experiencing from the terrible tragedy that they have just lived.

He takes charge and manages every aspect of the case so his client does not have to do it. The greatest attorney is one who puts themselves in their client’s shoes, which is something Benjamin Drake focuses on doing every day that he is working at helping his clients. Only then will an attorney successfully win cases like Benjamin Drake has proven himself to have done.

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Benjamin’s professionalism, knowledge, and compassionate nature are the three assets that have enabled him to excel in interpreting California’s laws to favor his clients.

Every day he fights to set himself apart from other law firms by really getting to know his clients, showing them how invested he is in obtaining the settlement that they deserve, and by helping them regain a sense of hope and normality back into their lives.

Throughout the years, he has maintained friendships with clients who have portrayed him to be as part of their family. He never rests and is always available for his client’s needs. He genuinely expresses emotion and empathy towards his clients. To Benjamin Drake, his clients are not just another case or a number, but an actual human being who deserves the utmost care and customer service attention.


Benjamin Drake of Drake Law Firm is absolutely amazing!!! He is always available for professional and personal needs and/or advice. Not only is he extremely smart, but he gets to know you personally, to better serve your needs. He’s not only helped me but several members of my family. I recommend him to anyone searching for an excellent attorney.

Courtney  |  Moreno Valley, CA

Best attorney  around.   Caring determine and will  fight for you in every aspect  of  your case  never settle for less . Im thankful  to have meet him  and his team throughout  both my accidents  theyve stood ny my side  best doctors and therapy  to help me  heal along this long process Ive recommended him to family and friends and to anyone who asks of a good lawyer.  Your the best ! Thank you for fighting  for me and my family  !

Lacy  |  Woodland hills, ca

Drake Law Group settled my case and got me the best that he could for my case which was more than I expected. They worked diligently to get the maximum in my case. Although it was a lengthy it was worth the weight and worth every penny! Thank you Drake Law Firm!

Karen  |  Los Angeles, CA

I recently closed a case with the help of Drake and his wonderful law firm. Before I hired him I was dealing with an incompetent lawyer who wasn't fighting for the best outcome. Once I switched over to Drake and his law firm things changed for the best. His team practices great communication and answered all my questions quickly. I would highly recommend reaching out to him!

Christian  |  Los Angeles, CA

I was happy with my overall experience with Dr. Drake and his firm. He is a professional whose primary concern is his client's needs. I was initially disappointed about an issue in regards to my case, but Dr. Drake took all the necessary steps to change the outcome. You will not be unhappy with your results! Thank you!

Pantea  |  Los angeles, CA

One of the things I value in a law firm are efficiency and honesty. Drake Law Firm has both of these. Benjamin did an amazing job at getting things done on time and he was true to his word when it came to him making things happen. He was a pleasure to work with and I highly value his work spent on my case. I'd definitely recommend him to others!

Adrienne  |  Los angeles, CA

Drake Law and his team did the absolute best they could to settle my auto accident case. I was informed throughout the entire case on what was going on.  I don't think I would've received what was needed to make myself whole going through the insurance company. With my car totaled and the extent of my injuries unknown at the time I'm glad I called Drake Law to help.

Jeremiah  |  MOjave, CA

Benjamin Drake has been taking very very very great tremendous work in to me and my case he and his team Fela and etc have made things extremely smooth stress free process I'm so grateful to have an attorney and team like drakes law firm they're the best !!! I'll refer anyone here who has been hurt by auto accident

Calvin  |  Santa clarita, CA

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