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As a consumer in California, the last thing you expect from a product is for it to cause an injury. Unfortunately, for many people around California, this happens all too often.

Many products must undergo strict testing by government regulations, ensuring they meet certain safety standards (food, pharmaceuticals, and automobiles, for example). Lots of products are not regulated, however. Both of these categories can cause harm to the consumer due to the negligent actions of a producer, designer, or distributer.

If you’ve been injured by a product without the proper warnings or education provided to know the potential dangers, you are likely feeling frustrated and upset, all while the bills and medical payments pile up. If you are forced to miss work because of an injury, this pressure seems to compound.

At the Drake Law Firm, we understand product liability law and care about your situation. We want to help secure the compensation you deserve so you can get back on your feet–physically and financially–and back to your life.

Contact our experienced product liability attorney today. The more time you wait, the better chance the producer has to correct the problem and limit your legal options. Reach out to the Drake Law Firm if you’ve been injured by a product due to the negligence of the producer, designer, or distributor. We can provide the personal help you need.

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