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California Construction Accident Lawyer

Fighting for Victims Injured on Construction Sites

Construction sites are filled with hazards, and all parties involved in a project have obligations to protect workers and the public against preventable harm. Unfortunately, not everyone upholds their duty to act with reasonable case. 

If you or someone you love have been injured on a construction site anywhere in California, our construction accident attorneys at Drake Law Firm are available to help.

Backed by more than a decade of collective experience, we help injured workers, pedestrians, motorists, and other victims pursue civil personal injury claims against at-fault parties. We are available to review your case to determine if you have the right to seek a financial recovery of your damages.

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  • We have recovered more than $150 million in compensation.
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  • We charge no up-front fees, and only collect a fee if a recovery is made.

Attorney Benjamin Drake founded Drake Law Firm as a practice that treats clients like people, not cases. Our award-winning lawyers and staff are passionate about guiding victims through difficult times, and have the experience and resources to fight for the compensation they deserve.

To request a FREE review of your case, call or contact us online. Drake Law Firm serves clients across California from offices in Stockton, Fresno, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Can I File a Lawsuit After a Construction Accident?

Your right to file a personal injury lawsuit after a construction accident will depend on the facts of your case, including whether you were working at the time. 

  • If you were NOT working when you were injured on or near a construction site (i.e. you were injured as a pedestrian or in an auto accident involving a construction vehicle), you may seek compensation for your losses by filing a civil personal injury lawsuit.
  • If you were working when you were injured (i.e. you were a construction worker or were performing job-related duties on a construction site), you may be able to file a civil personal injury lawsuit if your injuries were caused by an individual or entity who was not your employer.

In most work injury cases, a worker’s sole remedy is workers’ compensation, a form of no-fault insurance which provides certain benefits to employees who suffer injuries while performing job-related duties, regardless of who caused the accident. 

In some cases, however, injured construction workers may have the ability to seek a financial recovery of their damages outside of workers’ compensation. This typically occurs when a worker was injured by the negligent or wrongful acts of a third party – meaning someone who is not their direct employer. 

For example, injured workers may bring personal injury claims against:

  • A negligent contractor / subcontractor who caused an accident on a worksite.
  • A negligent motorist or delivery driver (not employed by their employer).
  • A property owner that failed to address dangerous conditions on a worksite.
  • A manufacturer of defective machinery, equipment, or tools.

Determining whether you have a viable third-party lawsuit depends on the facts of your case, and it can be complicated. Fortunately, our experienced attorneys at Drake Law Firm are available to help workers understand their rights and options for bringing a personal injury lawsuit after a construction accident.

Construction Accident Cases We Handle

Drake Law Firm represents individuals and families in a range of construction accident cases, including those involving:

Seeking Compensation After a Construction Accident

Exploring your options for bringing an injury lawsuit after a construction accident is crucial to recovering the compensation you need to cover your losses and future damages. Though victims who bring workers’ compensation claims are not required to prove fault like they must do in personal injury lawsuits, they are also not entitled to the same types of damages.

In fact, civil personal injury lawsuits offer victims and families an opportunity to recover damages that are not available through workers’ compensation, including pain and suffering. 

Recoverable damages in personal injury claims can include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional and psychological suffering
  • Lost wages and lost future earnings
  • Past and future medical expenses

Given the fact that worksites are often filled with many different companies and individuals, a full financial recovery will depend on your ability to determine any and all third parties that can be held liable for your damages. Our firm can evaluate your case for potentially liable defendants and their percentage of fault, and take the necessary steps to maximize your recovery.

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At Drake Law Firm, we know preventable injuries can wreak havoc on your life, and result in considerable stress and suffering. As attorneys who focus solely on fighting for victims, we are passionate about aiding our clients in their fight for justice, and are happy to review your case to see how we can help you.

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