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Animal Attack Lawyer

Over five million Animal Attack injuries are reported every year in the United States, over 800 thousand of which require medical attention, plastic surgery or hospitalization. When you’re attacked or bitten by a dog or any other animal, it can be an extremely traumatizing experience.

Animal Attack Liability

dog bite injury

Under California law, dog and other animal owners may be held liable for damages if their animal attacks a human. The laws governing animal attacks are very clear. California is a strict liability state, meaning that an animal owner is liable for injuries inflicted by his dog or other animal upon a human being, even if the owner was not negligent and the animal had never bitten anyone before.

Animal Attack Injury Claim

If you are the victim of a Animal Attack or attack, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain, suffering, medical expenses, rehabilitation, plastic surgery, psychological distress, and financial losses. At the Drake Law Firm, we understand your pain–emotionally, physically, and even financially– from the experience, and want to help.

When an Animal Attacks

Animal attacks can lead to an assortment of painful and debilitating injuries, including scarring, disfigurement, cuts, abrasions, infections, fractured or broken bones, torn ligaments, wounds, punctures, lacerations, nerve damage, rabies, and even death. In addition to physical injury, you could face psychological or emotional trauma, which may result in a loss of fondness and/or affection toward dogs and other animals. Furthermore, after an attack, many animal attack victims become too afraid to walk outside or approach a dog or other animal for fear of another attack.

Have You Been Bitten By a Dog?

As a Animal Attack victim, you may require hospitalization, surgery, and months of rehabilitation. Because of this, you could be left out of work and inundated with steep medical bills and lost financial wages.

Contact Animal Attack Attorney

Reach out to someone who understands your circumstance and will fight for justice. You need someone with the compassion, skill, and experience necessary to secure the compensation you need and deserve, so you can focus on healing.

Free Consultation

If you have suffered a serious injury, contact Animal Attack lawyer at the Drake Law Firm.

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