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Civil Injury Claims for Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are dangerous places, and they pose risks to workers and people who live, work, or walk nearby. Because parties involved in construction projects owe a duty of care to workers and passerby, victims injured on construction sites may have the right to file personal injury claims for a financial recovery of their damages.

At Drake Law Firm, we fight for victims injured by the negligence of others. If you want to discuss your construction accident and whether you may have grounds to bring a civil injury lawsuit, our Fresno attorneys can review your case and explain your options.

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Fighting for Victims Injured on Construction Sites

Drake Law Firm represents injured workers and other injured parties in civil lawsuits involving accidents on construction sites.

  • Non-workers face numerous risks when traveling through or near construction sites. This includes motor vehicle accidents with construction vehicles or in construction zones, as well as pedestrian accidents or bicycle accidents involving worksite debris, falling objects, slip and falls, and holes or other open hazards. People injured on construction sites may have the right to bring personal injury suits against the responsible parties, such as a developer, general contractor, or property owner that failed to ensure the safety of passerby.
  • Workers in construction perform incredibly dangerous jobs. From working with heavy machinery and equipment to performing jobs on busy worksites, there are constant risks of falls, falling objects, electrical injuries, and other serious accidents. While injured workers can obtain workers’ compensation, they may also have grounds to file a civil personal injury lawsuit.

Workers’ Compensation vs Personal Injury for Construction Accidents

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance system that allows workers to receive needed benefits after an injury on the job. This includes medical care, rehabilitation and therapy, disability and wage replacement, and other various benefits.

While these benefits are essential to workers injured on the job, they are often insufficient. Workers’ comp, for example, only covers a percentage of lost wages, requires workers to receive care from approved providers, and does not compensate for pain and suffering.

In some cases, construction workers may have the option to pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recover greater compensation for their losses, including:

  • A complete recovery of past and future lost wages
  • Medical bills and future medical expenses from any provider
  • Pain and suffering and emotional anguish 

This may sound like the best way to recover compensation after a work accident, but it is not always an option. In California, state law makes workers’ comp the exclusive remedy for injured workers. If you have been injured while working on a construction site, you can only pursue a civil claim if your situation meets one of a very few exceptions. The most common include:

  • Your injury was caused by a negligent third party (NOT your employer), such as a negligent subcontractor, premises owner, utility company, or other party.
  • Your injury resulted from a defective product, tool, or piece of machinery.
  • Your employer intentionally injured you, such as during an assault.

In contrast to workers’ compensation, you will need to prove fault and liability to recover damages in your personal injury lawsuit. At Drake Law Firm, we can help evaluate whether you may be able to bring a civil claim after your construction accident and discuss how we can build the strong claim you need to fight for the compensation you deserve. 

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