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At Drake Law Firm, our lawyers recognize the serious impact that a slip and fall accident can have on an individual's life. The victim of a slip and fall can suffer painful injuries, face high medical expenses for emergency and long-term treatment and be unable to work and earn income for an extended period of time.

However, if the accident resulted from the negligence of a property owner, a slip and fall victim may have legal options available to him or her. The individual may be qualified to pursue a legal claim that can result in reimbursement of all medical costs as well as compensation for the victim's lost wages, pain and suffering and even more.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip, trip and fall in Sherman Oaks or elsewhere in California, you can speak with a legal representative from Drake Law Firm today and learn more regarding the choices available to you.

Should You Hire a Lawyer After a Slip and Fall Accident in Sherman Oaks?

You may be stressed over your ability to afford an attorney to handle your slip and fall case. However, at Drake Law Firm, we will charge no legal fees or case costs unless we obtain a financial recuperation for you. We do not want cost concerns to prevent you from getting the legal help you need.

We believe a lawyer can play a crucial role in your claim, particularly when dealing with insurance providers. The truth is that the insurance providers will try to pay as little compensation as possible for the physical, psychological and financial harm you have experienced. A lawyer will be focused on protecting you as well as your interests.

A Sherman Oaks premises liability lawyer at Drake Law Firm, will:

  • Thoroughly examine your slip and fall and build the strongest case possible
  • Speak with experts who will allow us to understand why your slip and fall occurred, who should be held responsible and what medical care and treatment you will need to recover from your injuries.
  • File all claims on your behalf in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Aggressively seek a settlement that completely compensates you for your losses or take your case to court (if necessary).
  • Structure any kind of award you receive to ensure that it maximizes your reimbursement and ensures you will get the medical care you need in the future.

We are a law firm that is passionate about pursuing results that will really make a difference in the lives of our clients in Sherman Oaks and across California.

What Must You Prove in a Slip and Fall Case in California?

A slip and fall accident is a kind of premises liability case. It can be brought against any kind of property owner or inhabitant, including a private homeowner, store or other business or a local, state or federal government.

To recover damages in an California slip and fall claim, you typically need to show:

  • A condition on the property presented an unreasonable threat of harm to you. Hazards that might cause a person to slip, trip and fall consist of:
  • Broken or uneven pavement on walkways or in parking lots
  • Snowy, icy or wet floors and walkways
  • Ripped, torn or loose rugs and carpeting
  • Liquids spilled on floors
  • Broken or uneven stairs
  • Poor lighting in hallways, stairwells, or outside walkways
  • Holes in the ground or objects sticking out of the ground
  • Broken, missing or loose handrails
  • Malfunctioning escalators or elevators
  • The property owner knew or, in the exercise of normal care, should have known of both the condition and injury possibility. Essentially, the owner or occupier had "actual notice" based on seeing the slip and fall hazard or creating the hazard or "constructive notice" based on the hazard being there long enough that the owner or occupier should have seen it.
  • The property owner might have reasonably anticipated that you would not have discovered or realized the danger or would fail to protect yourself against the danger. For example, you would not have known that an office building lobby was slippery because it had just been mopped.
  • The property owner neglected to take sensible steps to protect you by either fixing the hazard or giving you an adequate warning regarding it.
  • As a result of the property owner's negligence, you sustained injuries.

As you contemplate whether you have the ability to bring a slip and fall claim, you will need to ask yourself several essential questions, including:

  • If you tripped or slipped, had the hazardous spot existed long enough so that the owner should have known about it?
  • If there once was a good reason for the object to be there yet that reason no longer exists, could the object have been removed?
  • Was there a more secure place the object could have been located without much more inconvenience or cost to the property owner?
  • Could a simple barrier have been made or a warning offered to keep you from slipping or tripping?
  • Did insufficient or damaged lighting contribute to the accident?

What Compensation Can I Get for a Slip and Fall Injury?

A slip and fall accident can cause a wide variety of severe injuries, including bone fractures, soft-tissue damage, spinal cord injuries as well as traumatic brain injury (TBI). It is important to consult with a law firm that will seek maximum reimbursement for the damage you have suffered, including:

  • Past and also future medical costs
  • Lost wages and diminished earning ability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life

A property owner's insurance company may try to place blame on you for your slip and fall accident. For instance, the insurance provider may allege that you tripped, slipped and fell due to an "open and obvious" risk that you should have recognized or did something else that was negligent.

In California, you could be barred from recouping anything if you were more than 50 percent responsible for your injury. Otherwise, your damages would be decreased by a quantity that is in proportion to the percentage of fault credited to you.

Your legal representative from Drake Law Firm, will aggressively oppose any type of unfounded claims made by a property owner's insurance company as well as work hard to protect your legal rights.

What is the Statute of Limitations on a Slip and Fall Case in California?

It is important to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible if you are hurt in a slip and fall accident. A lawyer must take steps right away to preserve proof and start the process of bringing a claim against the property owner.

A slip and fall case, like other personal injury claims in California, needs to be filed within two years after an accident has taken place. This is called the statute of limitations. If you fail to meet that deadline, you could be barred from seeking a claim.

A California slip and fall lawyer at Drake Law Firm, will ensure your case is timely and correctly submitted.

At Drake Law Firm, we've assisted numerous personal injury clients to get the compensation they require to recover. We won't let you accept unfair treatment from other law firms and we will defend you from beginning to end. If you need help with Slip and Fall Injury in Sherman Oaks, California, give us a call at (844) 513-7253 for a FREE consultation or visit our website at to get started on your case today! 

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