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Injuries caused by dog bites and animal attacks can have devastating consequences for victims, including thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages, tremendous pain and suffering, and life-altering disfigurement or disability. 

If you or someone you love were injured by a dog or domestic animal, you may have options to hold the owner liable for your losses. Our award-winning attorneys at Drake Law Firm are here to help.

A Record of Success

Drake Law Firm has recovered more than $150 million in compensation for victims across California, as well as numerous million and multi-million-dollar results.

Some of our recent recoveries include:

  • $2.65 million for a pedestrian accident victim.
  • $2.5 million for a T-bone accident victim.
  • $1.23 million for a motorcyclist struck by vehicle.
  • $1.5 million for a truck accident victim.
  • $1 million for an injured rideshare passenger.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our team has the resources to tackle the toughest injury claims, including dog bites and animal attacks involving catastrophic injuries and strict liability. 

Our Woodland Hills dog bite attorneys at Drake Law Firm offer FREE case evaluations to animal attack victims who want to learn about their rights and how we can help them seek a full financial recovery. Contact our Woodland Hills office to request your free consultation.

California’s Strict Liability Dog Bite Statute

California is known for its dog bite statute that imposes strict liability on dog owners for injuries caused by dog bites. This means a pet owner can be held financially responsible for a person’s damages even if they were not negligent and even if their dog showed no prior signs of aggressive behavior.

Pet Section 3342 of the California Civil Code, victims who bring claims on strict liability do not need to prove an owner’s negligence of an animal’s dangerous propensities. They must, however, prove that the defendant owned the dog and that they suffered harm due to the dog bite or attack. Additionally, victims must prove that they were either:

  • In a public place such as a park, sidewalk, or business; or
  • Lawfully in a private place, such as when they are an invited guest, a contracted worker, or someone who otherwise had permission to be in that location.

Other Ways to Hold Owners Liable for Animal Attacks

Even though strict liability is the most effective way to secure damages for dog bit injuries, there are other options to prove pet owner liability. This includes brining a lawsuit that proves:

  • An owner was negligent in failing to prevent the animal attack (i.e. not having their dog or pet on a leash or not securing their animal on their property); or
  • An owner knew or should have known their dog or domestic animal had an unusually dangerous nature or tendency.

Defenses in Dog Bite Lawsuits

When facing strict liability for dog bites, pet owners may raise defenses that argue:  

  • The victim was trespassing on private property.
  • The dog was a law enforcement K9 involved in an investigation or execution of a warrant.
  • The victim assumed the risk of an animal attack (this typically applies to people like veterinarians and other animal workers who know the risks of their profession).
  • The victim was negligent and partially at fault for their injuries.

Because these defenses can result in victims losing a case or only being able to recover a portion of their damages, it is as important to prepare for a defense as it is to craft the claims you bring as a plaintiff. 

By working with an attorney, you can prepare for arguments the other side may raise and position yourself to recover full compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other economic and non-economic damages.

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Dog bite and animal attack lawsuits, like other personal injury claims, are fact-specific matters that warrant the attention of skilled and seasoned attorneys. 

Our Woodland Hills lawyers serve dog bite victims across the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas of Southern California. Call or contact us online for a FREE case review.

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