Megan Valles

Megan Valles was born in Fresno and later moved to San Fernando Valley where she has enjoyed living ever since. As a kid, she dreamt of being an FBI agent.  She was later inspired to become an attorney by two things. The first was her love for legal drama tv shows like Law & Order. She loved watching attorneys present their cases and fight for their client’s case. The second came as a fortunate result to a very unfortunate situation.  Megan was in a serious car accident and needed an attorney to help her take on the insurance company. Eventually, she found herself working for her attorney and enjoying the fine details of law and research. Megan has always had a strong work ethic, picking it up from her mother who she remembers taking several jobs to ensure they would be able to make ends meet.

Megan did her undergrad at Cal State Northridge where she majored in sociology and criminology. After graduating, she enrolled in University of West Los Angeles, juggling a heavy course load while working full time. Megan has gained valuable experience since becoming a lawyer at the Drake Law Group. She enjoys handling personal injury cases because she can deeply understand her clients having been in a similar position twice. Megan loves working for her clients and developing a friendship with them. This is the reason her clients love working with her. She can provide the emotional support needed for people to open up to her and find the important details on a case that could sway it in their favor. She enjoys being in a courtroom setting, an environment that makes most people feel uncomfortable. Her favorite type of clients tend to be people in her age group because they are easy to talk to, and they can easily trust her as she can see things from their perspective. 

Megan aspires to be a partner one day. She feels the Drake Law Group has been a perfect landing spot for her.  When she isn’t fighting for her clients, Megan enjoys reality tv shows, snowboarding, hiking, and running. She has done six half marathons and is aiming to do a full marathon in the near future.

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