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How to pay medical bills after a car accident

Benjamin Drake
August 8, 2022

How To Pay Medical Bills After Car Accident

Benjamin Drake is a top car accident lawyer with offices allover California and we're here to help.

We have helped 1000's of car accident victims deal with their medical bills as they recover from their injuries.

It doesn't matter if you were injured in an Uber crash, motorcycle accident, hit while walking in a crosswalk, or injured while you were driving to work, The Drake Law Firm can help.

The medical bills can add up quickly especially if you suffered a serious injury that requires surgery.

Unfortunately dealing with insurance companies can be a horrible experience.

Don't fight the insurance companies alone.

All we do is personal injury and we know how the insurance companies work.

Do not risk your financial future over your medical bills, call Benjamin Drake today!


Why Contact The Drake Law Group

If you have been injured in a car accident then you need to get ready for the stress of medical bills.

The bills can add up quickly with the ambulance ride, hospital bills, surgeries, physical therapy, etc.

Don't try to fight the insurance companies alone, call us today for Free consultation.

Benjamin Drake and his legal team have over 100 Years of experience.

We have helped thousands of injury victims in California and we're here to help you if you need us.

After a car accident your main focus should be your health and physical recovery.

Even minor injuries from a car crash can disrupt your life, so don't just ignore your medical bills and hope they go away.

We know it's a stressful time because there are other bills to worry about also like car repairs, lost hours at work, etc.

If you were injured and you have questions about your medical bills call us Today.

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Why Is  Medical Treatment Important After a Car Crash

The obvious reason is that you need a doctor to examine your injuries.

Many times after a car crash you won't feel any pain immediately, but then one or two days later you wake up with a throbbing neck pain, or lower back pain.

If you suffer a broken arm, fracture, concussion, or even just a large cut, you need to seek medical treatment the same day if possible.

Never postpone medical care and just hope your injuries will heal on their own.

If the police or  fire department feels you need to visit the hospital then you would be wise to listen.

Another reason that it's important to see a doctor ASAP  is because in California the insurance companies love to use a delay in treatment as an excuse to deny or minimize your claim.

The Drake Law Firm isn't intimidated by the big insurance companies and you can rest assured we'll fight for you and your family.



Can You Get Medical Care If You Don't Have Health Insurance

The short answer to this question is yes!

Under both federal and state law, the hospital is required to provide emergency care to any patient who was injured in a car wreck.

Fortunately our health care system in California won't just ignore you after a car accident.

If you do have medical insurance then the medical provider would bill you directly for their services.

It's important to note that people without health insurance won't get the benefit of any contractual reductions that are required by medical insurance companies (or sometimes mandated reductions for Medi-Cal or Medicare rates).

As you can see the medical billing process (and options) can become a mess, and there is a good chance you could be billed the full amount for the medical care you received.

If you weren't at fault for the car accident then call Drake Law today for a Free consultation.

Let our team of legal experts help you, we've helped thousands of clients here in California.



Average Cost of Medical Bills After Car Accident

No two car accidents are ever the same, and every accident victim suffers from different injuries.

Based on a report from 2013,over 2.3 million people visited an emergency room to seek treatment for injuries from a car crash.

That is a staggering amount of people.

Those 2.5 million ER trips resulted in over 200,000 people requiring hospitalization to treat their injuries.

Records show that these visits to the emergency room cost on average about $3,300 and $57,000 for the hospital bills over the patient's lifetime.

Don't put your financial future at risk when these medical bills start piling up.

If you were injured in a car crash due to no fault of your own, then call The Drake Law Firm today and let us help.


What If You Are At Fault

If you are injured in a car accident then your best move is to always seek medical care, even if you think you might be at fault.

After you visit the doctor or hospital then you can focus on the legal and insurance issues.

If you are found to be at fault then your insurance company will carry out their own investigation to determine the level at which you wereat fault.

It's best to plan ahead and speak to your insurance agent before you get into an accident and understand what type of coverage you have.



What If Other Driver Doesn't Have Insurance

If you are hit and injured in a car accident when the other driver doesn't have insurance it's very important to contact an experienced car accident lawyer like Benjamin Drake.

Since there are many uninsured drivers on the roads in California it is wise to prepare ahead of time and get uninsured / underinsured auto coverage with your insurance policy.

When you have this type of insurance it allows you to get help from your insurance company if you get hit by another driver who doesn't have auto insurance.

Stats show that about16% of drivers in California don't have insurance.



Determining Damages / What's My Case Worth

Every accident victim wants to know how much money they might win in a settlement.

Unfortunately there is no quick answer or guarantee when it comes to getting compensated.

This is another reason why calling Benjamin Drake is your best move after you've been injured.

Don't let the insurance companies play games or try to get you to give a false statement.

An injury victim may be entitled to recover compensation for their medical bills, but it's much more complicated than it might appear.

Below are some common damages that you might be compensated for:

Medical bills -On top of your medical bills (hospital, surgery, etc.) you need to consider the cost of any future care you might require. Long-term rehabilitation and things like a wheelchair can get expensive.

Property damage -You may be entitled to compensation for damage to your car and property, this can even include contents in your vehicle.

Loss of income -This is very common for accident victims because their injuries might keep them from working. If you suffer a broken leg then walking around at your job becomes impossible and next thing you know you are missing days at work. And your injuries could affect your long term ability to perform your job duties in the future.

Emotional distress- You might suffer from emotional distress after a car accident and The Drake Law Firm will make sure you get maximum compensation for this also. Many times accident victims can feel alone, isolated, and even depressed after getting injured in a car crash. All of these damages may be included in your recovery demand.

The safest thing you can do is to call Benjamin Drake today for a Free consultation.



Who Will Pay For My Medical Bills

Many injury accident victims feel overwhelmed and lost when it comes to understanding medical bills and who pays them.

It's hard to stay positive and upbeat when medical bills keep coming in the mail on a daily basis.

Some clients think that the law firm they hire will pay the medical bills.

The reality is that the injured person will actually be the one who pays their own medical bills once your case has been settled.

Any damage to your car is a different situation and typically your insurance or the other driver's insurance could pay that bill pretty soon after the accident.

If you have a question call The Drake Law Firm today and get answers.

Stay Organized

Since your name is attached to all your medical bills you need to be organized and keep track of everything.

It's important to notify the medical providers about your situation so they know when they can expect payment and to ensure your bills don't end up with a collection agency.

The law does require that if the other driver is found at fault that they must pay for your damages, and in a personal injury case then of course medical bills are a big part.

Just remember that the defendant (other driver who hit you)does not have to pay your medical bills as they start piling up.

So stay ahead of the game and  keep in constant communication with The Drake Law Firm as your case progresses.

Dealing with injuries, physical therapy, medical bills, and insurance companies isn't easy, but the best way to navigate the legal mess isto hire an experienced car accident lawyer like Benjamin Drake.



Working With The Insurance Companies

The first thing to know is that the insurance companies aren't always on your side.

This is very important because you don't want to think they are your best friend and just start talking to the adjuster in a casual way and making comments that could hurt your case.

We have outlined some basic steps below that you should follow when dealing with the insurance companies, but remember to call us today before you do anything.

Be cautious - The other driver's insurer is going to represent the interests of the other driver which means you are not their concern. You need to be careful not to say anything that could be interpreted as an admission of you being at fault. This is very important.

Report accident immediately - You want to contact your insurance company immediately and make them aware of the accident. Don't wait around assuming the driver who hit you is going to take care of everything. Often times the other driver might try to avoid the entire situation and disappear completely as they hope the accident will just go away.

Expect resistance- The insurance company who represents the guilty party will want to pay the least amount of money they can. Don't be surprised when they try to minimize your injuries and the amount of damages on your claim.

Don't  settle quickly - Insurance companies are none to throw out low ball $ offers in an attempt for a quick settlement. Typically these offers are much less than you deserve. Your best bet is to let Drake Law Firm handle all of this for you because we have over 100 years of experience.

Avoid signing papers- This is another trick the insurance companies will play, trying to get the accident victims to sign a mountain of paperwork. You need to read every document or ask our firm to help you decipher what you are signing. What you sign could come back to haunt you later on.

Stay in the fight- Insurance companies love to drag out the process in hopes you'll settle. We see this all the time with clients and we won't be intimidated by the insurance companies. Be prepared to deal with the insurance companies for a while, but always remember Drake Law Firm will be right by your side.


What Is Subrogation

If your health insurance provider or another type of coverage does pay for your medical bills and then you do receive a settlement related to those bills, that company will need to be paid back.

This is a very common process called subrogation and it helps prevent injury victims from getting paid twice for an injury.

At The Drake Law Firm we make sure you understand the legal process when it comes to medical bills.

If you have questions about how this process works please don't hesitate to ask us.