Your choice of an attorney to handle your case is the most important decision and will have the biggest impact on final results.
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A good attorney, someone who understands the process, would not be able to answer that question the first time you meet. This is because on the first day, or the first time that a lawyer and a client meeting, it is extremely difficult to understand the extent of the injuries and the type of damages that need to be reimbursed to the client.

Therefore, a lawyer who understands the process should be able to explain to the client that each case is different. Different insurance companies compensate for each injury uniquely.

First, we need to find out what the damages are. We need to find out what the medical expenses are and the nature of the medical injuries so we can have a better understanding of how much the case is worth.

The compensation that is going to be paid to the client varies. Claims may be related to injuries, loss of earnings, loss to the enjoyment of life, and the loss of potential earning capacity.

So, while that question is asked quite often if a lawyer answers with a concrete number the first time you speak with them, you should be suspicious as to how they came to that number so quickly.