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First and foremost, if you are not alone in the vehicle, make sure that everyone is okay. If there is a serious injury, call 911 or the hospital, call for the ambulance right away, and call the police department so that they show up. Do not admit to any liabilities at the scene of the car accident when you’re talking to somebody. If there are witnesses, if there are people around, make sure to get their names and phone numbers and ask them if they witnessed the accident.

Take pictures as much as you can. These days with phone cameras, there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t take pictures both of the vehicles or of the location where the incident happened. If there are red light/green light issues where everyone claims that they had the green light, it is extremely, extremely important to look to see if there are witnesses. If there are no witnesses, look to see if there are any cameras built into the properties around the area so that we can determine who ran the red light at the scene of the accident.

Second of all, do not discuss anything with the insurance company before . We all have to understand that the insurance companies look at every case as a financial loss, so they will do all they can to minimize the financial loss and, in the process, they could make the claimant say or do things that could jeopardize the case. So while the insurance companies have experience and they have attorneys working on their behalf, it is extremely important that the injured person or the potential client also has an experienced lawyer working for him or her—one who understands the process—so that the potential client is compensated the right way for the injuries that they sustained as a result of the accident.